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Every year, UDOT produces a Strategic Direction document to report  to our customers -- the taxpayers of the state of Utah -- how we’re investing resources allocated to us by the state legislature. The document helps us remain transparent, but it has also been limited by the most basic reality of print publication: in the very moment the document was published, it was out of date, as things are constantly changing, adjusting and shifting in our Department’s ongoing efforts to keep Utah moving.

Beginning now, we’re taking advantage of online technology to move to a live, data and performance driven Strategic Direction that is constantly updated to reflect what we are doing -- day by day and moment by moment -- to meet our mission to provide Utah and Utahns with innovative transportation solutions that strengthen Utah’s economy and enhance our quality of life.

Just like its printed predecessor, the online Strategic Direction document is built upon the foundation of our three Strategic Goals that guide and direct everything we do:
  • Zero Crashes, Injuries and Fatalities: UDOT is committed to safety, and we won't rest until we achieve zero crashes, zero injuries, and zero fatalities.
  • Optimize Mobility: UDOT optimizes traffic mobility by adding roadway capacity and incorporating innovative design and traffic management strategies
  • Preserve Infrastructure: We believe good roads cost less, and through proactive preservation we maximize the value of our infrastructure investment for today and in the future.
Another benefit of this new format is that it provides the reader with a quick and simple snapshot of our progress toward achieving the three Strategic Goals. Within each of these goals are a number of programs and systemic divisions that allow us to direct, track, quantify and measure our work toward achieving that goal.
We are fueled by our Core Values -- Trust, Integrity, Passion, Dedication, Safety, Fiscal Responsibility, and Public Responsiveness -- they are the heart and soul of every decision we make. I believe that holding fast to those values leads us to do good work with positive results for the people of the state of Utah. I’m excited to share our work with you in this new online resource, and I hope you will find it interesting and useful as you hold us accountable for our promise to Keep Utah Moving.
Carlos Braceras

Emphasis Areas

    •   Integrated Transportation
    •   Collaboration
    •   Education
    •   Innovation
    •   Quality
    •   Transparency

Core Values

    •   Trust
    •   Integrity
    •   Passion
    •   Dedication
    •   Safety
    •   Fiscal Responsibility
    •   Public Responsiveness

UDOT's Strategic Goals

For more information on each of our three goals, please click on each of the links below: 

2016 In Review

Learn more about the projects and social media efforts we accomplished last year that helped us fulfill our mission to keep Utah moving. 
The Point
This two-year project widened I-15 to six lanes in each direction between 12300 South in Draper and state Route 92 in Lehi, a distance of approximately seven miles. The project also replaced the existing pavement with new 40-year concrete, reconstructed the 14600 South interchange as a single-point urban interchange to improve traffic flow, and installed new traffic management technology such as cameras, ramp meters, electronic message signs, and fiber optics.
I-15: Hill Field Interchange
Several important changes have been implemented at I-15’s Hill Field Road interchange in Davis County in an effort to keep traffic moving smoothly through one of northern Utah’s most heavily congested areas. New bridges over Hill Field Road were constructed, and a single point urban interchange (SPUI) was installed. Through-turns were added to the Hill Field Road and Main Street areas have proven to be effective in maintaining steady traffic flow, and reducing wait times in the interchange.
I-15: St. George Blvd. to Green Springs Drive
This project in the heart of Utah’s Dixie included the construction of an auxiliary lane in each direction on I-15 between the St. George Boulevard exit in St. George and the Green Springs Drive exit in Washington. It also featured a new underpass under the freeway in front of Red Cliffs Mall that connects Red Cliffs Drive and Red Hills Parkway. This work is improving access for local traffic trying to travel across the freeway in this busy area of St. George.
U.S. 189: Deer Creek Widening
This major reconstruction project widened the existing facility east of Deer Creek Reservoir in Wasatch County to include two 12-foot travel lanes in each direction, a center median turn lane, and 8-foot shoulders. The project is already improving safety and optimizing mobility along this busy stretch of US-189. The project also addressed numerous hazardous wildlife crossings by installing continuous deer fence and a wildlife under crossing.
Social Media
UDOT’s social media channels continue to be a growing platform on which we communicate with Utahns about projects and road safety.  We see social media as an extension of the public forum and welcome interaction with citizens about road issues and operational questions. Visit our main UDOT profiles here: 
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